Past project
Voter Education project (Jan 2019-March 2019)
– Raising awareness of community (especially women and young people) on voting education related to Cities Development Committee
– Networking and coordination with other stakeholders working on voter education, law, and rights

Women Empowerment through economic opportunities 2012 Feb- 2015 Feb (Project 1) :
ESP started its activities by supporting small amount of capital loan to five recipients. Based on their performance, ESP increased the amount of money, and continued the loan cycle of recipients. The recipients were primarily selected from members the HIV networks. They are women who are infected or affected by HIV by any means: through their spouses, or through their clients. The recipients come up with their business ideas in order to be eligible as loan recipient. The initial loan is approximately 50 USD and the loan cycle is 3 months. Upon regular repayment, the borrowers will have higher amount of loan and gave opportunity to participate for next loan cycle.

Challenges: As most of them are HIV infected and affected clients, they could not repay back the loan once they fall sick. In addition, as they are HIV infected persons, it is difficult to follow up their houses because ESP wanted to make sure that the confidentiality of the loan recipients are respected. Therefore, the loan monitoring officer have to observe the implementation of the activities from distance. For those who implemented their activities at home such as sewing, it was not possible for ESP for close monitoring.

A total of 87 participants (from 2012 Feb to 2015 Feb) were supported with capital loan either to start up their own business or adding into their existing business in the project 1.

2015 April- 2018 September (Project 2) :

ESP Capital loan was given to 20 women from a village in Hmaw Bi  first and then the project was extended to another village. The number of beneficiaries increased up to 85, and currently, there are 75 beneficiaries.

With the lessons learned from Project 1, the approach was changed. Instead of targeting the HIV infected urban people, it was targeted to village women whose houses or businesses can be easily follow up. In addition, the beneficiaries were selected based on the following criteria:
1) someone whose interest is doing or expanding business on their own
2) who can group 5 people and hold accountable for their group members
3) who are determined to give the loan back on schedule
4) who reside in the respective villages
5) who can follow the rule sets in the mutual agreement
The repayment rate is 100%.

Education Support Loan-ESL program (2017 June- 2018 May):

A quick assessment with some of the loan  recipients from Project 2 convinced that the Education Support Loan (ESL) program should be started for the Students from Basic Education Schools. The decision for the education loan was made in June 2017 and the ESL disbursement was started in July 2017 for 10 students: 6 primary school students, 2 middle school students and 2 high school students from two villages in Hmaw Bi township.