Supporting other women is gifted opportunity and receiving support from women is miracle!

Supporting other women is a very gifted opportunity. I have been very fortunate to help other women in my life. It was in 2012 when I decided to support a group of young women. We were in the same organization, but I worked for the head office of my county while they worked at a field office in a small town in delta region. They were young, talented, and energetic. They worked hard. I could see that they have many potentials. I could see that they wanted to improve in their technical skill. I could see that they wanted to read books. But, technical or subject matter books were rare. Although the organization tried to support as much as possible, such as sending them e-book with CD-ROM, access to computer was limited. And they did not have smart phone nor computers. By that time in my country, smart phones and computer were still expensive for a lot of people including for them.

After speaking with them and seeing their motivation, I offered an option and checked if they were interested. They were! The option was that I shared some amount of money every month, and they also shared some smaller amount. And each month, one of them would buy either a smart phone or a computer. And we made it within six months that all their group members owned either a smart phone or a computer. ( I don’t remember the exact number but I think it was five of them). And when I saw them 4 years later in 2016, I found them improved. All of them were in a better job positions. Seeing people I helped grow was a very wonderful moment in my life.

In 2020 around May, I also was able to listen to one of my childhood friends who needed to share her worries and concerns after her childbirth. Her mental conditions was also affected due to COVID-19 situation. We talked more than a couple times. I am so glad that she found it helpful when I talked to me when she was in the most needy situation and she become back to near normal. Seeing her again to normal condition was a very satisfying moment for me. And I realized that I have been very fortunate to help other women.

In 2019-2020, I received tremendous support from women! Mentally as well as financially. They were from all different sources: From women professors and classmates from academic field, some women I’ve known years ago, women from a scholarship program called P.E.O, and my sisters and nieces! (I should not leave men professors, my brothers and nephews who were as very supportive as the women I met during these years). It was miracle to see women helping women!

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