Small but effective-Trust matters!

Small but contributing the betterment of lives of people.

ESP loan given to the women is very small. However, it is contributing the lives of rural women in Myanmar. A woman who made Myanmar snacks said ” the loan helps me expend my existing work. ESP loan is good as we don’t need to show any documents, and we don’t need to show up biweekly as other organization would ask”.

Another woman said, ” Now we are not taking loans from any organization but from ESP” . ESP does not ask the borrowers to show any proof  of residency in the village or to take any things for borrowing them. With trust, ESP gives loan to the women. ESP believes that the women, although they are poor, will definitely pay back on schedule. They all did. It has been 3 years ESP operate the microfinance projects in two villages. Repayment rate is 100%!

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